Support Networks

School ADvance Implementation and Support Network:

  • For district facilitators and coordinators of the School ADvance Administrator Evaluation System
  • Annual subscription covers one to two district representatives


  • Two drive-in clinics for district facilitator/coordinators
  • Two webinars  
  • Phone or on-line consultations  
  • Shared bank of ideas, tools, and resources
  • Discussion Forums
  • Shared Data Bank

GrowthPLUS System Design and Support Network

  • Training and support for Teacher AND Administrator Evaluation systems that foster learning, growth, and adaptation.
  • Aligns systems design across all staffing levels
  • For School ADvance Administrator Evaluation users AND users of other State-recognized teacher and administrator evaluation systems
  • Annual subscription covers one to two district administrators


  • One drive-in clinic on Designing an Effective Educator Evaluation System (meets State requirements and aligns with research supported principles of effective evaluation and feedback)
  • One drive-in clinic on implementing the State VAM/Growth Model and a local District Growth Model
  • Two webinar implementation and support sessions
  • Design manual for using evaluation tools within an effective evaluation system design
  • Tools and Resources for local facilitators
  • Limited phone and on-line consultations
  • Discussion Forum