Growing Your District's System

When is Educator Evaluation a Growth-Focused System?

  • When there is sufficient evidence to identify and recognize performance strengths and opportunities for growth
  • When there are clear growth goals and targets based on evidence of student need
  • When evidence based strategies are identified to achieve growth goals and target
  • When evidence based strategies are translated to vital behaviors to achieve high fidelity implementation
  • When there is a monitoring system to track the development of vital behaviors and link them to performance evaluation 
  • When there is a system of professional learning to support the development of vital behaviors
  • When there is a growth mindset about learning and growth potential
  • When people collaborate to learn together, support the vital behaviors, and achieve growth targets
  • When all the parts of the system for ongoing improvement are aligned and work together in a complementary way
  • When measurable and sustainable growth in student results is achieved