Is the School ADvance administrator evaluation system compatible with the state’s laws regarding employee evaluation?

Michigan districts that implement the School ADvance administrator evaluation system with fidelity will be in compliance with the state’s 2010 requirements and the July, 2013 MCEE recommendations. The system addresses each of Michigan’s current requirements and those recommended for 2013-14 and beyond:

• Incorporates student growth and assessment data (Domain 1-Results)

• Employs rubrics with effectiveness ratings of highly effective, effective, minimally effective, and ineffective (ratings will be updated based on final statute).

• Assesses the administrator’s training and proficiency in using evaluation tools for teachers (Domain 5)

• Incorporates progress on school improvement goals (Domain 1)

• Incorporates student/parent feedback and pupil attendance data (Domains 2-5)

The School ADvance evaluation rubrics are also aligned with state and national standards for school administrators and measure performance according to leading research and best practices for building and district leaders.