What does the School ADvance System cost?

MASA and Michigan ASCD sponsored the development of School ADvance as a service to their members. As a result, we can offer a low cost structure. Michigan districts may purchase School ADvance in one of three ways:

A. School ADvance rubrics only - Limited licensing agreements for the stand-alone School ADvance rubrics are available at a rate of $30 per school building for principal evaluation and $30 per central office administrator, including the superintendent.

B. School ADvance Basic Training Package – The School ADvance Basic Training is $325 per administrator. Limited licensing agreements for the School ADvance rubrics are an additional $30 per school building for principal evaluation and $30 per central office administrator, including the superintendent. Note: These licenses need to be purchased in advance of training. – please contact us for details. Tools, guides, and on-line and video resources are free of charge to Michigan districts that purchase the School ADvance Basic Training for all administrators who will either be evaluated or evaluate others under the School ADvance Administrator Evaluation System. 

C. In Development (call for interest): School ADvance Comprehensive Implementation Package – Districts that purchase the Basic Training Package (as described above) and maintain an annual subscription to the School Advance Implementation Network will also receive all future additions, revisions, and updates to the School ADvance system free of additional charge. The Implementation Support Network will develop district facilitators and coordinators; thus avoiding the high costs of follow-up training and support found in the pricing structures of other vendors. Rates for the School ADvance Implementation Network are based on two participants per district (see below for details on the Implementation Network).