The 5 Domains of School ADvance

The School ADvance Administrator Evaluation framework starts with five domains of leadership practice. Those five domains are:

  • Results
  • Leadership
  • Systems
  • Processes
  • Capacity

For all administrators, the first domain (Domain 1) is Results.  School ADvance provides a framework for linking results to an administrator’s evaluation that will adapt to a state growth or value added model.  The Results domain allows districts to set growth or other improvement targets in a variety of ways, to provide a more robust picture of performance impact.  The Results domain is also tied directly to school and district level improvement goals.

The other four domains for principals and central office/superintendents are broadly aligned, but also adapted to fit the differences in both level and scope of responsibility between building level and district administration. Each domain is broken down to performance Factors that correspond to major areas of responsibility found in research for building and district leaders.  Within each Factor, there are also a set of 2-5 characteristics derived from deeper analysis of research findings. The School ADvance provides an overview of the complete frameworks for the evaluations.

Rubric Design
Each of the characteristics of the School ADvance Administrator Evaluation Framework is supported by a set of descriptors that correspond to that characteristic in ways that are observable and/or documentable.  The descriptors avoid value laden words and qualifiers that are not observable or documentable.